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Unforgettable experiences The Minho region enjoys a great diversity of scenery. Mountains and valleys, trails that are often deserted and hard to reach allow you to appreciate a great variety of incredible views, as well as admire very rich fauna and flora. You will contemplate a thousand-colour-palette of the beloved Minho as you cross a river, admire the breathtaking lagoons and waterfalls, come to a halt on top of a mountain range. You ride across the villages full of tradition and character, protected landscape with enormous oaks, bridges, ancient mills and green pastures with fine horses, all of which make this experience unique and unforgettable.
The tours may last from 2 to 4 hours.
Pincho Cascade
During this trip we cross the Âncora river, admiring the stunning natural pools of cristal-clear waters. Going up the river, on almost empty and hard to access trails we arrive at the majestic Pincho Cascade where you can dive into the cool lagoons with crystal-clear water and explore the surroundings in search of their impressive natural beauty.
Duration: 2h30
up to 2 persons - € 75,00 3 to 8 persons - € 25,00 per person


Corno do Bico Protected Landscape This trip takes us to the protected landscape of Corno do Bico. We start by visiting an old castle of Cossourado, which used to be inhabited by the Celts, then we follow along the roads the Romans used and where we can see the milestones. We cross medieval bridges and fall under the spell of the beautiful Romanesque church of Rubiães. Soon we are at the protected landscape of Corno do Bico, in the middle of the enormous woods of pedunculate oak trees, whose looks differ according to the season. Once in Corno do Bico, we attend a lesson with the nature and about the importance of the preservation of its habitats, while taking delight in the scenery of the village of Bico. Duration: 4 hours
Up to 2 people - €120 (minimum price)
Over 3 people - €40 per person
Arga Mountain The trip takes us up along the banks of the Âncora river, to the top of the Mountains of Arga. Passing through half deserted and hard to reach trails it allows you to appreciate a great variety of incredible views, as well as diverse fauna and flora. We cross the Âncora River, stop at the Pinchos falls and dip into the crystalline waters of the lagoon. Then we cross the mountains of Arga where we can appreciate the view of a big part of Minho and the immense Atlantic Ocean, green pastures with wild horses. We will visit the typical villages of the Mountains of Arga, the water mills, the ancient bridges and S. João d’Arga Monastery.
Give this drive a try and you will live a memorable experience! Duration: 4 hours
Up to 2 people - €120 (minimum price)
Over 3 people - €40 per person
Vila Nova de Cerveira This trip is to get to know Vila Nova de Cerveira. First, we visit the ancestral water mills forming a cascade, passing through the forest to the highest point of Cerveira – Alto da Pena viewpoint (623 m). From here we can see Minho region with the mouth of the Minho River, Galicia, Mountains of Arga and Mountains of Peneda.
Next we visit S. Paio Convent where we get to know some of the works by José Rodrigues, the sculptor. To end on a high note we go to the Deer viewpoint to appreciate the fantastic view of the Minho River powdered with islands and green banks of Portugal and Galicia. Duration: 2 hours
Up to 2 people - €64 (minimum price)
Over 3 people - €25 per person
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